AQVAROSSA AW20 collection is a curation of timeless outerwear pieces, knitwear and accessories made of the finest natural fibers in the world. We practice Conscious Creation which means that we are mindful of our process every step of the way. This means respecting the people and animals who play a part in helping our product come to live and our promise to consistently review and incrementally improve on our practices. 

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Materials & production

Studio - London

It is through friends of friends that I got to know Vera, but what a great match! She brings a lot of drive to AQVAROSSA, in every aspect and corner of...

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Production Site Italy

For our silk accessories, we rely on a traditional family business near Como. Lombardy is famous for its textile industry, and our producer also stands for the highest quality and...

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The fibre of the gods – this is the name of the finest animal fibre in the world. The vicuña is the petite relative of the alpaca. Its fur not...

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