Soft grip and subtle shine, hypoallergenic and superbly warming – this is alpaca wool. The Alpaca lives in the South American Andes at over 3,000 meters and is closely related to the lama, the guanaco and the vicuña from the camelid family. Its fur has developed properties that are unmatched worldwide to protect against harsh weather conditions: the fibre is water-repellent and breathable, and even softer and warmer than cashmere. It contains insulating air inclusions, and the length and strength of the fibre guarantees a long life.


There are only about four million alpacas worldwide, and the animals are sheared only once a year. Accordingly, their wool is exclusive and expensive. The many nuances of its wool from white to brown and grey to black result in a wide range of natural colours.


Alpacas live in peaceful symbiosis with the mountain population in Peru, Bolivia and Chile. Since the topography of the Andes does not allow mass animal husbandry, the farmers keep their animals in small flocks, giving them the best of care and a lot of affection and respect. Even the annual shearing follows the natural cycle to protect the animals from the cold. After all, alpacas are the main source of income and livelihood for their families. In addition and quite honestly, alpacas are unashamedly cool animals!


But the harsh climate of the Andes sometimes takes its toll, and unfortunately, not all crias survive the cold periods. All this is part of natural selection; no alpaca is sacrificed for its fur.