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Our Maya scarf adds an air of effortless cool to any outfit. This fluffy chunky knit in textured baby suri alpaca is warm yet breathable and unbelievably soft. Wear it long and nonchalant or wrapped round many times for the ultimate in warmth and cosiness.


SFr. 136.50

Details and Composition


Extra long
Silky soft and semi sheer


100% Baby Suri Alpaca

Size and Fit

One size

How to care for your new AQVAROSSA piece

If you are not wearing your AQVAROSSA garment for a few months, it is best to keep it in a cool, dark and dry place. Ideally, the garment is dry-cleaned or washed by hand according to the instructions, before it is stored in a garment bag with moth repellent.

Knitwear is best laid flat to keep it in shape. Use the self-cleaning powers of our wool: simply hang up your pieces in the morning mist or in a steamy bathroom, and the natural fibres will clean themselves and make creases disappear.


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As one of our pre-order customers we will keep you posted on the journey of your piece from production through to delivery, so expect some exciting updates from us over the coming months.

Baby Suri Alpcaca

Alpaca wool is unparalleled in its superior credentials across both quality and sustainability. The alpaca lives high in the South American Andes and has developed a fur with properties that are unmatched to protect against these harsh weather conditions. This means a wool that is not only insulating but also naturally water repellent, breathable and even hypoallergenic. Suri alpacas have distinctive long lustrous locks which means that as well as being softer than cashmere yet warmer and stronger than lambswool, this unique almost mohair like yarn is exceptionally silky in texture. The Suri alpaca yarn quality we use is baby Suri alpaca, this does not mean it comes from baby Suri alpacas, but rather is the official term used to describe the finest quality grade of yarn. All of our alpaca wool is sourced from individual farmers who rear small herds that are well cared for and sheared only once per year. They are sourced as part of a network that is both Fair Trade and WRAP certified, ensuring the wellbeing of animals, farmers and their environment.


Our knitwear is crafted in Peru by a company run by the amazing Mariela, a family business that was originally founded by her mother in the 70s. Their transparent and sustainable system has been a huge inspiration to AQVAROSSA on our journey, showing the possibilities of a close relationship between economic success and social responsibility. They are Fair Trade Certified with production taking place in Lima, Cuzco, Puno and forty small studios throughout Peru. They work closely with the small scale farmers whose alpaca wool they use and create jobs in otherwise remote regions. This ensures proximity to traditional craftsmanship and promotes the preservation of long held skills passed from generation to generation.

“AQVAROSSA is all about enduring quality and timeless styles you’ll be able to cherish and love for a lifetime if not more.”



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